Grant funds received

Members of the ARG have now received additional grant funding towards the 2019 research expedition to Svalbard. Whilst additional funds are still needing to be secured, this is a very welcome input to the expedition groups finances.

William Shaw has been awarded £1000 by the Sheffield University Volunteering Fund to support him going on the expedition.

Prof. George Shaw has also been awarded £750 by the Percy Sladen Memorial Fund of the Linnean Society of London to support his research project on the climate change impacts of receeding ice masses.

Expedition Leader, Steve Staley noted “We’re really grateful to both Sheffield University and the Linnean Society of London for their support. Without such grants the expeditions we carry out would not be able to take place. There is work still to be done to achieve our fundraising goal and we hope that these grants will be followed by further support from generous donors”.

And Here is the News

Two recent interviews on BBC Local Radio have meant the forthcoming ARG expedition is now better publicised and the projects more widely known and understood.

Arctic Tern entangled

On Tuesday, Steve Staley and Chris Searston both gave a live interview for BBC Radio Nottingham and discussed the challenges of research work in the Arctic, including attack from Polar Bear, the need to raise funds as a charity and the plans for the 2019 expedition, then Wednesday saw Ian Frearson delivering an account to BBC Radio Derby on the background and make up of the ARG together with details of the 2019 expedition projects. Ian described the projects and highlighted the dramatic effects of pollution on wildlife in the Arctic.

Research in Svalbard

Links to Approved Projects provided below

You can check out our approved projects on the Research in Svalbard website. We’ve provided URL links below to make it quick and simple to find them.

Collection & Assessment of macro-plastic and other beach Pollution (CAP)

Early Colonisation of High Arctic Substrates Exposed by glacier retreat (eCHASE)

Geochemical Investigation of warm Springs (GIS)

Collection Of fossilised remains of Devonian Fish (COF)

Search for And Recovery Of Meteorites (SAROM)

ARG join International Group on Pollution

A spokesman for SALT recently acknowledged the ARG as one of its partners. 

The ARG has now joined forces with other similar minded groups to undertake research into pollution by plastic and other elements on beaches in the High Arctic.  One of the Group’s projects planned for 2019 will be the systematic collection logging and examination of pollution on  stretches of beach in Svalbard as part of an international Group who are also undertaking this valuable work.  A spokesman for SALT recently acknowledged the ARG as one of its partners.   The following statement was received by the ARG during the past few days.

Letter of Support
We are writing this letter in support of the Arctic Research Group (“ARG”) for their
proposed research work on macro beach litter in Svalbard during the summer of 2019.
We are providing advice to the ARG on the design and execution of this work, which we
understand will include the clearing of rubbish from one or more beaches in northwestern
Spitsbergen and its in-depth description and cataloguing. The ARG have
indicated that they will share the results of their work with us, all interested
organisations in Svalbard and with the wider scientific community.
SALT is an independent consultant company with knowledge about and for the coast
and the sea delivering services within research, consultancy and outreach. Marine litter
is one of our core areas of work. SALT consists of high professional competence on
marine ecosystems, coastal industries and entrepreneurship, particularly concerning
northern issues.
Tromsø, 04.11.2018

Photograph courtesy of Steppes Travel

Bear amongst pollution