Countdown continues…

With just over ten weeks to go, the expedition preparation phase is in full flow. Members have been meeting regularly for months and committing their own time in taking the necessary steps for the expedition to go ahead with the best chance of success.

There are multiple aspects that have to be considered for just getting to and being in a remote location, miles from civilisation. Add in the demands to carry out precise scientific studies, whilst keeping a constant watch for the stealthiest of predators, in a place where freezing catabatic winds can descend down a glacier and plunge the temperature in seconds. The selected team has the skills, enthusiasm and expertise to deliver.

Funding or providing resources for the expedition is where you and others can be a part of it. Financial and other contributions that allow the expedition and its’ science to be carried out are just as important as being prepared to take the risks of going. Without both, nothing can be achieved. Please make a donation or contact us with offers of support.

Fundraising Push

ARG members are to write to the top companies in the region seeking support or sponsorship to help fund this years’ expedition.  Timed to coincide with a local radio interview and focussed on the Midlands region, the group are looking to secure further expedition sponsors.

Climate change and plastic pollution are increasingly significant problems for humanity.  Unless this generation takes urgent action, they will affect us and each successive generation.

You can be part of the solution too if you’re prepared to support those working as volunteers to carry out scientific research that will help to find it.

Hundreds of letters are to be written

Full steam ahead on fundraising

At the recent meetings of the ARG, members have been focussing on the task of fundraising through making grant applications and targeting key organisations, corporations and high net worth individuals.  The task being to secure funding for the ongoing activities of the ARG, specifically seeking to secure sufficient funds for the expedition later this year.  With a target budget of £50,000 the ARG would have sufficient funds not only for the 2019 expedition, we would also be able to purchase additional equipment that would be available for use for this and future expeditions and allow the delivery of more sophisticated remote research.  There has been some initial success with grants being awarded and we are hopeful of further good news in the coming weeks. If you’re reading this and can offer support, then please use the donation button or contact us to let us know how you can help.

Form filling for funds